At Johnsons Hotel Linen we’re one of very few Hotel suppliers that constantly collects, re-washes and returns the same product time and time again. We've been recycling linen since  the first company within our business was founded way back in 1885, long before it was even fashionable to go green!

We are committed to improving and reducing our impact upon the environment.

To achieve this we...

  • Introduced a number of Heat Recovery initiatives, including recovering excess flash steam from our boilers, installing water heat recovery systems and reduced overall energy consumption.
  • Operate a water recycling plant using Reverse Osmosis technology. We recycle up to 60% of the mains water we use in our Cardiff production facility.
  • Installed the most energy efficient gas dryers to reduce our gas consumption, especially when drying towels.
  • Operate a full chemical and biological water treatment plant in North Wales to treat our own effluent and discharge it direct into the Irish Sea under the strictest of standards monitored by the Welsh Environment agency, Natural Resources Wales.

Our commitment to the environment does not stop there. We also...

  • Monitor and control our usage of chemicals with monthly independent auditing.
  • Use modern, environmentally friendly, washing machines, washing as low as 2.5 ltr per kg, amongst the lowest in our industry
  • Monitor weekly our energy consumption including gas, electricity and fuel for our distribution fleet and limited speed to improve fuel efficiency.
  • We’re working actively to reduce single use plastics across the business and although still in use, we’ve already reduced by 50% our usage of such materials over the past 5 years and working on how we phase out single use plastics long term
  • Installed tracker systems on all our HGV lorries to monitor route utilisation and are adopting 'teardrop' boxes to improve fuel efficiency. All lorries have tracker systems to ensure we can advise accurately on delivery times.
  • We’re also introducing a league table of the best drivers in terms of careful, fuel efficiency drivers to act as a benchmark for helping us deliver sustained improvements across the fleet.
  • Our new delivery vehicles have state of the art engine management systems to reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiency.  This is done by using the latest engine technology combined with GPS data that enables the vehicle to make its own decisions for optimising its efficiency.
  • Continuously review ways of reducing our impact, cutting costs and doing our bit to keep the planet in good shape for future generations to come.